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Carp Industries

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Carp Industries supplies spare and production parts for use in both commercial and military applications. Our diversified product line is the result of both our extensive experience and our goal to provide customer satisfaction.


To find specific replacement parts and to order online, please see our Product Catalog

Aerosonic - Carp Industries is the exclusive U.S. distributor for the Angle of Attack Indicator/Transmitter/Probes as well as the Stall Warning System. We and also distributes Aerosonic Instrument spares and end items. We are licensed to Manufacture the IVSI Product Line and spare parts.


Oshino Lamps - Carp Industries is an authorized distributor.

National Precision Bearing - Carp Industries is a U.S. distributor for National Precision Bearing

AMI - We are a distributor for Avionics Mounts Inc, Instrument clamps, cases and bezel. We are building stock so they are available for immediate shipment.

Download/View the current AMI Catalog (PDF File).


Kollsman - Carp Industries has provided spare parts for Kollsman Instrument products since 1987. We have an extensive inventory of parts available for immediate shipment as well as the expertise to help you find the part you need.

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Carp Industries Corp.
4550 U.S. Highway 1
Grant, Florida  32949

Phone:  321.952.1303
Fax:  321.951.7590

Email: info@carpindustries.com
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