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Carp Industries
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Production and Repairs

Whether your needs are for commercial or military applications, Carp Industries can meet your demanding product and service requirements.
Click to see the big picture. Carp Industries specializes in short run production. We have the ability to assemble a variety of Electro/Mechanical components including shafts, pivots, gears, pinions, and counters. Carp Industries also manufacture transformers and coils. We assemble PC boards and wiring harnesses.

Click to see the big picture. Carp Industries is licensed for the manufacture, repair and supply of spares for the Inertial Lead Vertical Speed Indicators (IVSI) made by Aerosonic which was formerly part of Avionics Specialties out of Charlottesville Virginia.

Carp Industries owns Carbonara Labs which manufacture's Stadimeters, Azimuth and Bearing Circles 

Click to see the big picture. Carp Industries Quality System is ISO9001-2008 registered and is also backwardly compliant with MIL-I-45208A. All components are inspected and tested to the appropriate standards to insure compliance with the customer's requirements and the highest quality product is delivered to the customer.  Carp's quality approvals include Boeing, Gulfstream, U.S. Government and IPTN.

Click to see the big picture. Carp Industries stocks spare parts for the repair of Aerosonic and All items on the shelf are available for immediate shipment. Carp offers Aircraft on the Ground (AOG) Service 24 hours a day.

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Carp Industries Corp.
4550 U.S. Highway 1
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Phone:  321.952.1303
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Email: info@carpindustries.com
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