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IVSI Indicator

IVSI Indicator The Inertial-Lead Vertical Speed Indicator (IVSI) provides positive control of vertical speed, this line of indicators is available under license by Carp Industries.
For more information about IVSI, see our library of Teledyne documents:
Sychro Tester

Sychro Tester

Synchro Tester MK33 Mod 0 is a 60 cycle tester that may be used to reduce the time required to locate a defective 115 volt 60 cycle Synchro. Synchro Tester MK30 Mod 0 is a 400 cycle tester that may be used to reduce the time required to locate a defective 115 volt 400 cycle Synchro. 

Both Testers incorporates a receiver on which is mounted a calibrated dial, a positioning control for dial setting and a release control to engage or disengage the dial from the knob.  The Synchro Tester may be used as TR,TX or CX. The Synchro Tester is not a precise instrument for setting the transmitter to exact zero, but it may be used for a quick check of whether or not the transmitter is on approximate electrical zero.The Tester can also be used in testing range data transmission systems. As an example an indicated change in range data of 10,000 yards may cause the tester to turn through some definite angle.
Azimuth Circle

Azimuth Circle

Carbonara Labs Inc. is now part of Carp Industries, Corp. We manufacture the Azimuth Circle 6" Compass MK4 Mod 3, for use with 6" ships course indicator and 6" magnetic compass.



Carbonara Labs Inc. is part of Carp Industries Corp. Carbonara has been building the Sextant type Stadimeter for over 40 years.  The Stadimeter, partnumber 9240-035, NSN 6605-01-168-8508 is used on Navy vessels for traditional celestial navigation. Mark 5 Mod 1 consists of a metal frame, similar to that of a sextant, upon which are mounted a telescope, horizon mirror, radius arm, index arm and index mirror. The known height of an object is set by moving the radius arm along the height scale. By rotating the micrometer drum, the top of the reflected image is brought into coincidence or alignment with the bottom of the real image. The distance of the object, in yards, is then read directly on the micrometer drum. Today they are still required on each vessel and are used during testing and training functions.  We have a large inventory of spares for the repair of as well as manufacturing.

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